Why a Temporary Crown Is Necessary For Crown Replacement

22 November 2023
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


During your dental visit, your dentist might discuss the need for a temporary crown, which could raise questions about why you need one. Dental procedures like crown replacement can be confusing. However, getting a temporary crown is a necessary step when replacing a permanent crown.

Protection from Damage

The dentist places a crown after a tooth has undergone some dental work and requires a permanent restoration. Preparing a customized permanent crown takes time. The dentist places a temporary crown to cover your damaged tooth and protect it from further harm while your permanent crown is being created in a dental lab.

Without a temporary crown, your tooth remains exposed, making it susceptible to damage due to biting and chewing. The temporary crown ensures that your tooth remains protected until your permanent crown replacement is ready to be fitted.


After dental work, the tooth can become sensitive to pressure and temperature changes. A temporary crown acts as a buffer to alleviate your tooth's sensitivity issues and make you more comfortable while waiting for the permanent crown. It covers the damaged tooth and fully supports the surrounding teeth, ensuring you don't experience pain or discomfort.

Ensures Proper Fitting

Your permanent crown is a long-term investment in your dental health, and you want it to be perfect. Getting a temporary crown ensures that the final crown fitting goes smoothly. The temporary crown serves as a test run as it allows the dentist to evaluate your dental crown's size, fit, and color. Final adjustments to your permanent crown ensure a good, comfortable fit.


A damaged or missing tooth can prevent you from having normal oral functions like biting and chewing. With a temporary crown, you can still use your tooth normally until your permanent crown is ready. This is vital, especially if the tooth is in a visible position, as you can still carry out your typical daily activities without worrying about the tooth's appearance.

Improved Dental Health

When you have a damaged tooth, you risk developing an infection, which can spread to your gums and surrounding teeth. A temporary crown over your damaged tooth safeguards your oral while you wait for your permanent crown replacement. The temporary crown helps you avoid complications and further dental work.

Temporary crowns are an essential dental treatment, especially when waiting for permanent crown replacements. The benefits of a temporary crown far outweigh the inconvenience of having it for a short period. It protects your tooth from damage, ensures functionality, and improves dental health. Reach out to a local dentist if you need a crown replacement.