Should You Remineralize Your Teeth?

13 June 2022
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The societal pressure on smiles has increased, making people with discolored teeth more self-conscious. More people are seeking teeth whitening to restore the color of their smile and regain confidence. Teeth whitening is done on the enamel, and while the enamel acts as the first defense for a tooth against physical or chemical harm, it isn't indestructible. Here is everything you should know about remineralization.

Demineralization: What Is It, And How Does It Happen?

The mouth has bacteria. So, when you eat sugary foods or foods with high acid, the bacteria interact with the sugar and produce acid. With poor oral hygiene, the acid begins attacking the enamel, demineralizing it.

Unfortunately, the enamel doesn't consist of any living cells. So, if your enamel gets destroyed, the body cannot reproduce it. Demineralization is the process through which the bacteria creates acid, which affects the tooth enamel. Using DIY teeth whitening products with high levels of hydrogen peroxide can soften your enamel. Therefore, making it more susceptible to demineralization.

Helpful Tips for Remineralization

The mouth has a natural remineralization process where it produces saliva to dilute the acid in the mouth. However, there are some ways you can boost remineralization, such as:

Brushing Often

You can protect your teeth from demineralization by brushing often. Remember to use fluoride toothpaste as it strengthens your tooth, making it strong enough to avoid mineral loss.

Consume Less Sugar

Your dentist and doctor probably advise you against taking sugary beverages. Sugar helps bacteria create acid, which demineralizes the tooth. Therefore, if you can, avoid taking sugar. If you cannot avoid sugar, then reduce your intake.

Eat Fruits in Moderation

Although fruits are healthy and help boost your immunity, some are acidic. The acid in citrus fruits strips calcium from the tooth, making it prone to demineralization.

Take More Water

Water remains the top beverage recommended for health professionals. Take water after eating or drinking to rinse the bacteria and dilute the acid.

Get Professional Teeth Whitening

The cosmetic dentistry market isn't tightly regulated. Therefore, some OTC prescriptions for teeth whitening could contain exceedingly high traces of hydrogen peroxide. In excess, hydrogen peroxide weakens the enamel, making it easy to demineralize.

Take More Probiotics

As you take probiotics, choose strains like salivarius or bifidobacterium and other strains. Alternatively, you can take probiotics in different forms like yogurt.

Demineralization of your teeth is inevitable. However, you can avoid it using the tips above. You should also avoid using OTC teeth whitening products to protect your enamel. For more information, contact a dentist near you.