What You Should Know About Dental Implant Dentistry

29 September 2020
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Getting dental implants is a serious dental solution to your tooth loss and can be beneficial to you in many ways. When you explore dental implant dentistry to solve your oral health issues, you explore a more permanent solution to your tooth loss situation.

Whether you are missing teeth due to poor oral health, age, disease, or even injury or illness, you can explore dental implant dentistry to see if it will work for you. Here are things you should be aware of as you get into this type of dental work, so you are most informed before you go in for a consultation.

Not any dentist can do your procedure

Dental implants are done by a certain kind of dentist, such as a periodontist or a maxillofacial specialist, or even an oral surgeon. This means that your dentist will likely refer you to a specialist to have your dental implant dentistry done, even if you are only looking for a single implant.

Not all your procedure will be covered by insurance

The good news is that your dental insurance may cover some of the dental implants you get, which means you won't be paying for the entire procedure out of pocket. You will still have to pay for some of your dental implants and keep in mind that most insurance claims result in reimbursement of a few thousand dollars, not including other costs related to anesthesia and other costs. You'll want to speak to your dental insurance company provider to see if they provide any type of reimbursement for dental implants, so you know what to expect in costs.

You have options for dental implants

In order to get dental implants, you need to have a space where a tooth once was to put an implant in. However, you don't have to get a full set of dental implants in order to receive dental implant dentistry. You can have a few implants put in but have the attaching crown be created of multiple teeth to create the full smile you need with less cost and actual implants put in. Consider this type of dental implant an implant with a bridge. Or, you can have a set of dentures put permanently into your mouth using implants.

You have multiple options when it comes to getting dental implants, so don't hesitate to speak with your dentist about this option today. When you get a referral, you'll learn what dental implant dentistry can do for you.