How a TMJ Dentist Helps Those With "Locked" Jaws

20 August 2020
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Dental pain is a problem that is often quite devastating and hard to tolerate, no matter where the pain originates. And the type of pain that a person experiences may vary depending on the circumstances. For example, TMJ pain occurs in the jaw and may cause problems, such as a locked joint. Thankfully, dentists can provide treatment to prevent serious repercussions of this issue.

TMJ Pain Is Very Troubling

TMJ pain can trigger a myriad of problems that may be unexpected. For example, someone with this type of problem may find that their jaw "locks" in an open position from time to time. This situation is not the same as lockjaw but has a similar impact on the jaw. The pain that it triggers can be intense because the pressure may continue and cause suffering.

Getting the jaw unlocked often requires a lot of hard work that may cause more pain and may worsen a person's symptoms. However, those with this problem cannot let their jaw stay locked and cause them more pain. Thankfully, this problem can be managed by those who fully understand the different care options available from dentists and other types of medical experts.

Treatments Are Available

Those who suffer from an occasional locked jaw due to TMJ have many care options that they can consider. For example, they can switch to softer food that doesn't require them to open their mouth as much. This step is wise because it can prevent damage from spreading through the jaw and triggering any other issues.

The severity of the condition will dictate what approach to take. Those who have had a handful of locked jaw instances may only need medication to stop the pain and relief some of the inflammation. This step is usually the first attempt because it is the most conservative and easiest to implement without putting a person through excessive pain.

Of course, dental treatments can also help. In addition to treatments, there are dental surgeries that may be necessary for those who have more severe pain. These surgeries focus on minimizing the pain that occurs during TMJ attacks by decreasing pressure and helping nerves that may otherwise be impacted. These surgeries can be implemented by a dentist who fully understands the nature of this type of care and is a useful solution in many cases.

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