How Do Dentists Find Cavities On Teeth?

7 August 2020
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One of the main objectives that dentists have is to find cavities on teeth if a person has any. A cavity destroys tooth structure and can harm much more if left untreated, so dentists like finding them right away. How do dentists find them, though? Have you ever wondered about this issue? Here are the top four ways that dentists find cavities on teeth.

Examination and Tools

One of the ways dentists find cavities on teeth is by examining a person's teeth. When a dentist examines your teeth, they may use tools to see each tooth and the surrounding areas of the teeth. If a cavity is large enough, the dentist might see it while looking inside your mouth. If the cavity is still small, the dentist might spot it by inserting a tool into the tooth. If the tooth feels sticky when using a dental tool, it often indicates a cavity formation. 


The second method that dentists use is x-rays. Using x-rays allows dentists to find hidden cavities or those that are too small to see during the examination. If a dentist sees a cavity on the x-rays, they will look closer in your mouth at that tooth. By looking again at the tooth, the dentist can often find the problem.


Some dentists use lasers to find cavities on teeth. A laser is a tool that helps dentists complete many procedures, including cavity detection. With a laser, a dentist can find cavities hidden inside the teeth. When a dentist uses this, he or she aims the laser at all the teeth. The laser projects light during this process. The dentist can find cavities based on the way the teeth reflect or deflect the light from the laser.

Investigation of Sensitivity and Pain

Finally, a dentist might find a cavity from investigating an area of your mouth that feels painful or overly sensitive to you. If you feel pain or sensitivity, it is helpful to tell your dentist. Your dentist might take additional x-rays of this area of your mouth to find the problem, or the dentist might use other methods. Using a cold method, for example, helps find hidden problems with teeth.

If you visit a dentist, you can find out if you have cavities. If you do, you should have them removed quickly. To learn more about cavity detection, talk to a local dentist about it.