How Invisalign Helps Families With Bad Teeth

3 August 2020
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Genetics has a way of controlling every aspect of a person's health in a myriad of unique ways. For example, many children of parents with crooked teeth developed problems with teeth straightness as they age. And this issue is one that may require the use of high-quality braces to manage. Thankfully, many types of Invisalign braces can be used here. 

Crooked Teeth May Be a Family Concern

Parents with crooked teeth have a good chance of passing on this issue to their children because of genetics's unique nature. Simply put, teeth straightness and overall health are heavily influenced by a person's genetic code. As a result, children may end up with the same type of crooked teeth and suffer from other types of gum and jaw issues passed down from their parents. 

Thankfully, it is usually quite easy to manage this issue by using a myriad of unique care options that maximize a person's oral health. However, these care options must be carefully balanced and selected to ensure that a child gets the best results. For example, parents need to choose between traditional braces and Invisalign for themselves and their children at the same time. 

Is Invisalign a Good Choice Here?

Traditional braces have the benefits of being easy for many dentists to understand, adjust, and install. They are also less expensive than many types of alternates. However, Invisalign also has advantages that make it worth consideration. First of all, though its price may be higher, most dental insurances will cover Invisalign if a dentist deems it necessary for a person's health. 

Just as importantly, Invisalign is straightforward to use – children and parents just need to slide it over their teeth like a mouthguard – which makes them much more straightforward for families to utilize. This benefit is critical because it can make it easier for families with crooked teeth to get the same ultimate results and get straight smiles that suit them and which look great for years to come. 

And Invisalign braces are also easier to adjust because dentists make a new set of braces that replace the old ones. In this way, a family can get the straight teeth that they want and deserve. It also helps to make their care more straightforward and more comfortable to tolerate by limiting the types of pain that may be common with some types of traditional braces available on the market.

To learn more about Invisalign, reach out to a local orthodontist.