Top Benefits Of The Two-Appointment Approach To Root Canal Treatment

29 July 2020
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A root canal treatment ranks high among the commonly performed dental procedures. It is done to clean out the damaged or infected pulp and save your natural tooth. Depending on how bad your infection is and the tooth that needs the work, your dentist or endodontist may perform the treatment in one or two sessions.

There are several benefits of a two-visit approach to root canal treatment as follows.

Better Management of Endodontic Flare-ups

Endodontic flare-ups after the first phase of a root canal treatment involving cleaning and shaping the canal system are not uncommon. Some discomfort and pain, as well as some swelling, typically characterize these flare-ups.

A two-visit approach makes it easy to predict and manage flare-ups. These flare-ups usually get better on their own within a few days, which is why you should see your dentist if they persist.

Enhanced Disinfection Process

Your dentist or endodontist will place calcium hydroxide paste or medication inside your tooth, which will remain there for the period between your first and second appointments. The medicament helps with the disinfection process.

The medicament in the tooth will continue to be effective for a while. The result is an enhanced disinfection of the canals before the next phase of your root canal treatment. The risk of inflammation and an active infection developing reduces significantly.

Better Evaluation of Healing Process

The time between the two appointments will provide a perfect opportunity for your dentist to evaluate how well your tooth is healing. The initial phase of your root canal treatment may cause gum irritation and the mentioned signs of flare-ups. Giving it time will allow the dentist to monitor and ensure you are healing properly before moving onto the next treatment phase.

Choosing the Two-Appointment Approach

Your dentist will more than likely go for a two-visit approach to your root canal treatment if your tooth's canal system has extensive or severe contamination. As highlighted, the placement of medicaments in the tooth will allow for deep disinfection in the time between the visits.

Similarly, if you need the root canal treatment for teeth with multiple root canals such as molars, then a two-visit approach may be the way to this case, the procedure will generally involve more work. The same applies if your root canal system is especially challenging to find and access.

Does your dentist recommend a two-visit approach to your root canal treatment? These are the top benefits inherent to this approach. Contact Liberty Dental Center to learn more.