How A Special Needs Dentist Helps A Child With Epilepsy

29 May 2020
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Dental health is an important part of any child's life but can be hard to manage if they suffer from a disease like epilepsy. This condition can make a child struggle to control themselves and may require the help of a high-quality special needs dentist. These professionals can take steps that may be harder for even the best normal dentist to perform.

Epilepsy Can Impact a Person's Dental Care

Epilepsy is an unpredictable disease that can trigger many different symptoms that are very challenging to overcome. For example, a child with epilepsy may have a seizure that causes them to lose control and writhe around. If this type of seizure occurs at a dentist, there's a good chance that the child may be too much for the dentist to handle and may even cause injury to the child if the dentist doesn't understand how to help.

As a result, a child may have a big fear of the dentist that they cannot handle. They may fight with their parents about going or make excuses about it. They may even take worse care of their teeth because they dislike dental care. However, a special needs dentist can help this child get the care that they need.

How a Special Needs Dentist Can Help

A young child with epilepsy who struggles with dental care may need a high-quality special needs dentist to help overcome these issues. For example, these dentists have years of experience working with people who have physical or emotional difficulties. Many are specially trained to handle a myriad of different diseases and conditions, such as epilepsy and the impact that it may have on a child.

For example, a special needs dentist who understands epilepsy will be trained to spot signs of a seizure and to take steps to help the child. They may have to hold them down or restrain them to keep them from hurting themselves and others. And they may need to take other steps, such as providing the child with medicines that help manage their epilepsy and keep them from experiencing injuries while there.

As a result, a child can get regular checkups to ensure that their dental health is as strong as possible. Just as importantly, they can make a connection with the special needs dentist that makes it easier for them to get through their care and learn how to keep their teeth strong well into adulthood.

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