Have A Child That Needs Braces? Know What You Should Expect During A Consultation

29 May 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Has your dentist recently recommended that your child see an orthodontist about getting braces? If so, you are likely wondering what will happen during the consultation. Here is what you need to know about this first visit to the orthodontist.

You'll Fill Out A Lot Of Paperwork

Your first visit to any medical professional will require filling out a lot of paperwork. Make sure that you arrive early so that you have plenty of time to fill out the forms and not cause the appointment to be delayed. You'll likely receive a lot of information to read over about the orthodontist while you wait, such as their cancelation and payment policies.

You'll Meet With A Treatment Coordinator

The next step will be to meet with a treatment coordinator to determine if your child is a good candidate to receive braces and if the orthodontist is able to make the adjustments that are needed for your child. This can help save you time from going through the remaining steps if the orthodontist is not a good fit for your child's needs. 

You'll Have Photos And X-Rays Taken

An assistant will take a full mouth X-ray and several photos of your child's mouth to get a clear view of what their bite looks like. It is even possible that your child will have a full mouth digital scan done to help the orthodontist map out their treatment plan.

You'll Meet With The Orthodontist

With all of the imagery complete, you'll meet with the orthodontist to review all the information about the position of your child's teeth. They'll even perform a visual exam to identify issues with their bite. The goal of the orthodontist is to not just make your child's teeth look good but also to fix issues that can cause oral health problems later in life. For example, crowded teeth may cause decay, while a bite issue can cause teeth to become cracked.

You'll Receive Estimates For Cost And Treatment Length

The consultation will end with receiving information on what the estimated cost will be for braces and how long the treatment will last. It is possible that the orthodontist will conclude that your child's teeth are not yet ready to receive treatment and will schedule a follow-up visit to see how their teeth are growing. If you decide to move forward with getting braces, you'll make a second appointment for molds to be made of your child's teeth to help with creating the braces. 

To learn more, contact an orthodontist.