What Is Going To The Orthodontist Like?

25 March 2020
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If you have been told you need braces, you may have thought about making an appointment with an orthodontist. An orthodontist can be the best professional to handle some of your dental concerns. Want to know more about your first orthodontist appointment? Keep reading to learn more.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

Orthodontists are a type of dentist who focuses on straightening the teeth and correcting the jaw. They often use tools like retainers and braces to do this. While a dentist may perform tasks like applying fillings and removing unhealthy teeth, an orthodontist may apply braces and perform certain types of dental surgeries.

Why Should You See an Orthodontist?

With straight teeth, you can feel more confident with your smile and your appearance. There are also practical reasons to consider seeing an orthodontist. For instance, you should consider making an appointment if you believe that the positioning of your teeth makes it difficult for you to completely clean your teeth. If your teeth overlap each other, for instance, you might notice that you have a lot of tartar or even cavities at these points.

When Should Somebody See an Orthodontist?

For children, there is no specific time or age when a child should see an orthodontist. Some people go when they are quite young, perhaps not even pre-teens yet. Others go when they are teenagers. In fact, adults often come to the orthodontist for the very first time and get braces with no problem.

Generally speaking, the earlier the better for seeing a professional. If you have children and your dentist recommends making an orthodontist appointment, you can't lose by bringing them in now rather than later.

What Happens During the First Appointment?

The first appointment with an orthodontist typically involves x-rays and pictures of your teeth. It is not much different from your first appointment with any other kind of dentist. A technician may also make a mold of your teeth so that they can see what your teeth look like with a three-dimensional model.

Are you a Good Candidate for Orthodontia?

Many people are good candidates for orthodontia, but they might not realize it. Whether you are a pre-teen or an adult who has never been happy with your teeth, you can count on an orthodontist to help you find the right solution for your smile. Happier and healthier teeth can become a reality for you when you book an appointment.

To learn more about seeing an orthodontist, reach out to a dentist near you.