Healthy Teeth? Why You Still Need Regular Cleanings

11 March 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


You likely take your kids in to see the dentist for regular dental checkups and cleanings, but when was the last time you found yourself in the dentist's chair? Over one in four American adults have some form of dental decay that has not been treated, which can be prevented by receiving regular dental cleanings.

You have healthy teeth, so why do you need regular dental cleanings? As a responsible adult, it's hard to schedule a dental appointment, take time off work or school, arrange for child care, and then get the cleaning done, but it's worth it. Even if your teeth are in great condition, here are reasons to get regular cleanings at your family dentist.

Your teeth require professional care

Whether your teeth are brushed and flossed several times a day or you just have a history of healthy teeth, the only way your teeth can stay as clean as possible is if you let your dentist help. Plaque and tartar gather on the teeth and are both hard to remove without professional dentist's tools.

Even if you only get your teeth cleaned once a year, it's a boost in your oral health when you have this procedure done. Your dentist will tell you how often to have your teeth cleaned based on your current dental health.

Your teeth may not be healthy as you think

Dental decay may not be noticeable by the naked eye. You can have a cavity and not even know it. You can have issues with your gums and not be aware of them, as well. The best way to know if you have any oral concerns is to visit your dentist. Your dentist will examine your teeth as part of your cleaning, and if they notice any inflammation of your gums or soft parts in your teeth, they'll schedule you for further treatment.

Your teeth cost you less money

Forgoing dental visits entirely saves you money for now but will cost you more in the long run. If you have an untreated dental concern, the longer it is allowed to worsen, the more extensive your future dental treatments can be, adding up in cost. Your seemingly healthy teeth can actually be costing you money in the end, so keep future dental work at bay by having your teeth cleaned on the regular.

You can have your teeth cleaned at the same time as your kids' teeth are treated. Your family dentist will schedule you at the most appropriate time for you and can even schedule some of your appointments many months in advance.

To learn more, contact a dentist about dental cleanings.