Using Orthodontic Treatments To Correct Your Smile

9 March 2020
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Orthodontic treatments are among the most common cosmetic dental procedures that patients will undergo. While these treatments can be essential for correcting cosmetic problems, patients may not always take advantage of them due to limited or inaccurate information about these procedures.

Myth: All Braces Are Made Out Of Metal

Most people will picture the traditional metal wires and brackets that traditional braces will utilize. However, this is far from the only type of material that can be used for braces. For example, plastic is another common option that will serve the same role as metal braces but will be more flexible and discreet. Some individuals may assume that the plastic braces will not be as durable as those made of metal, but this plastic option can actually be more durable because its flexibility can reduce the risk of permanent warping or other damage occurring. In the event that the plastic wiring breaks or suffers other damage, you may find that it will cause less discomfort than metal braces because many plastic braces options are clear retainers that can be removed if broken.

Myth: Braces Will Ruin Your Appearance

A person may be worried that wearing braces will ruin their smile for the duration of the orthodontic treatments. For those that must have their pictures taken regularly or speak with individuals in a professional setting, this may be a concern. However, there are discreet options that you can use for your orthodontic treatments. One of the most subtle options will be the use of clear retainers to gradually shift the teeth. In addition to being clear, these retainers are also removable so that you can choose when you want to wear them. These more discreet options may take slightly longer to achieve the results that you want, but they can still effectively shift your teeth into the desired positions.

Myth: Monthly Follow-Up Visits With The Orthodontist Are Excessive

As part of the orthodontic treatments, you may need to visit the orthodontist on a monthly basis. Some people may assume that this is more than is necessary, but it is essential for patients to attend all of these sessions. During these monthly visits, the orthodontist will be able to monitor the progress the teeth are making so that the braces or retainers can be adjusted. Without these adjustments, the progress of the treatments will slow or completely stop. As a result, you should reschedule any missed appointments as soon as possible so that you minimize the overall impact that this has on your treatment time.

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