3 Reasons To Add a Third Dentist Visit Each Year

30 August 2023
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Typically, a person will visit a dentist every six to nine months for a cleaning. In most cases, these cleanings add up to two visits per year. While a majority of people can keep their mouth healthy with just two visits, you may find a reason to add a third visit each year. The third visit at a family dentistry can add a lot of benefits and really make a difference on your mouth.  

Check out some of the reasons to add a third dentist visit each year.

1. Deep Gum Cleaning

Some mouths are more prone to bacteria growth and the presence of inflamed gums. If you wait too long between visits, then your gums may bleed and dental issues may get worse. A third visit could include a deep gum cleaning that focuses on removing bacteria found inside the gum pockets of your mouth.

The deep cleaning will help eliminate harmful bacteria and reduce any gum inflammation you may have.

2. Dental Habit Check-Ups

In some cases, you may have specific dental habits you want to check the progress of. During a third visit, you could go for a routine cleaning and check on your oral health at the same time. For example, if you grind your teeth, a dentist can see the progress and if you've done any damage to your teeth.

If you have wisdom teeth shifting, a dentist can see if the teeth have moved and impacted your mouth in any way. The check-ups will not only show changes, but a dentist can help provide treatments and solutions to ensure your mouth remains healthy.

3. Cosmetic Treatments

While two of your dental treatments may focus on cleaning, you could dedicate a third dental treatment to just cosmetic treatments. For example, if you have a lot of drinks like coffee, tea, and soda, then you may want to go through an annual whitening treatment to help your smile.

A dentist office can help with the installation of veneers and implants. With corrections to your smile, you can feel more confident, and be happy with the way your teeth look. In some cases, you may not need dramatic work done. It all depends on the year and the situation.

Contact a family dentist to set up your appointments. You want to set them all up well ahead of time to ensure they can fit you in three times within a calendar schedule.